Helena Gómez Macpherson

Management and Conservation of Soils and Water
Participatory research in agronomy for soil and water conservation and for sustainable intensification in cereal-based systems, with emphasis on developing countries:

  • Characterization and evaluation of conservation agriculture in rainfed and irrigated cereal-based systems at experimental plot, commercial plot and watershed scales.
  • Quantifying the impact of irrigation and soil managements in the emission of greenhouse gases from the soil to the atmosphere and in carbon sequestration in soil.
  • Diagnosis and sustainable intensification of irrigated local cropping systems to increase food security in areas at risk.

S. Brouder & H. Gómez-Macpherson (2014). The impact of conservation agriculture on smallholder agricultural yields: A scoping review of the evidence. Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment, 187, 11-32. Review article.

P. Cid, I. Carmona, J.M. Murillo & H. Gómez-Macpherson (2014). No-tillage permanent bed planting and controlled traffic in a maize-cotton irrigated system under Mediterranean conditions: Effects on soil compaction, crop performance and carbon sequestration. European Journal of Agronomy 61, 24-34.

P. Cid, O. Pérez-Priego, F. Orgaz & H. Gómez-Macpherson (2013). Short and mid-term tillage-induced soil CO2 efflux on irrigated permanent and conventional bed planting systems with controlled traffic in southern Spain. Soil Science, 51, 447–458.

E. García-Ponce, H. Gómez-Macpherson, O. Diallo, M. Djibril, C. Baba, O. Porcel, B. Mathieu, J. Comas, L. Mateos & D.J. Connor (2013). Contribution of sorghum to productivity of small-holder irrigation schemes: On-farm research in the Senegal River Valley, Mauritania. Agricultural Systems, 115, 72-82.

J. Comas, M. Isselmou, D. Connor, L. Mateos & H. Gómez-Macpherson (2012). Why has small-scale irrigation not responded to expectations with traditional subsistence farmers along the Senegal River in Mauritania? Agricultural Systems, 110, 152–161.

Technical assistance in developing countries:

  • Formulation, monitoring and/or evaluation of research projects in agriculture and irrigation.
  • Scientific and technical advice.
  • Training of researchers, extension workers and NGO technicians in applied agronomy and supporting methodologies.

Join the PhD program “Agricultural, Food, Forestry and Sustainable Rural Development Engineering ” by the University of Cordoba and University of Seville.

Member of the “EU-Africa High Level Expert Working Group (HLEWG) on Science, Technology and Innovation for food and nutrition security and sustainable agriculture”.
Member of the European group EIP-AGRI “Soil organic matter content: Mediterranean region”.

Chair of Spanish Agricultural Research for Development Network (IA>D).

Head of the Agronomy Department (IAS-CSIC).

  • Email: hgomez@cica.es
  • IAS main building – Office 13 ground floor
  • Phone: (+34) 957 49 92 76