Juan Vicente Giráldez Cervera

  • Hydrological processes involving infitration and soil water balances
  • Erosion and sediment transport
  • Conservation Agriculture

O. Castro-Orgaz, J.V. Giráldez, N.I. Robinson, 2012, Second-order two-dimensional solution for the drainage of recharge based on Picard’s iteration technique: A generalized Dupuit-Forchheimer equation, Water Resour. Res. vol. 48, W06516, doi:10.1029/2011WR011751.

Guzmán, G., Vanderlinden, K., Giráldez, J.V., Gómez, J.A. 2013. Assessment of spatial variability in water erosion rates in an olive orchard at plot scale using a magnetic iron oxide tracer. Soil Sci. Soc. Am. J. 77:350-361.

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López-Lineros, M., Estévez, J., Giráldez, J.V., Madueño, A. 2014. A new quality control procedure based on non-linear autoregressive neural network for validating raw river stage data. J. Hydrol. 510:103-109.

Espejo, A.J., Giráldez, J.V., Vanderlinden, K., Taguas, E.V., Pedrera, A. 2014. A method for estimating soil water diffusivity from moisture profiles and its application across an experimental catchment. J. Hydrol. 516:161-168.

Lactures on (i) hydrology and erosion, for the students of the third year of the grade of Agrifood and agroenvirnomental engineering, (ii) Dynamic hydrology, adn Fluvial and slope morphodynamics of the Master on Environmental hydraulics.

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