Juan Emilio Palorames Rius

  1. Diagnostic, incidence and geographic distribution of plant-parasitic nematodes in wild olive and cultivated olive in Andalusia, and their relation with edaphical, ecological and agronomic factors.
  2. Molecular characterization, phylogeography, genetic population structure and phylogeny of plant-parasitic nematodes.
  3. Pathogenicity of plant-parasitic nematodes in crops and relationship within pathogenic variant and host plant.
  4. Gene expression and proteomics in order to study parasitism effects by plant-parasitic nematodes.
  5. Genome sequencing.

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Specific diagnostic of plant-parasitic nematode diseases caused by plant-parasitic nematodes. Nematode identification in soil and plant material using conventional and molecular methods.

Sequences deposited in NCBI