Pablo Castillo Castillo

  • Specific diagnosis of plant-parasitic nematodes causing plant diseases in crops using classical and molecular approaches.
  • Molecular phylogeny of root-knot (Meloidogyne spp.), root-lesion (Pratylenchus spp.), cyst forming (Heterodera spp., Globodera spp.), stem and bulb (Ditylenchus spp.), foliar (Aphelenchoides spp.), and virus vector nematodes (Xiphinema spp., Longidorus spp., Trichodorus spp., Paralongidorus spp.).
  • Pathogenicity of plant-parasitic nematodes in herbaceous and woody crops, and host-parasite relationships among pathogenic variants of them with the host plant.
  • Study of the interactions between plant-parasitic nematodes and plant diseases caused by soil-borne fungi and their mechanisms by proteomic and genomic analyses.
  • Control of plant-parasitic nematodes through sustainable and environmentally friendly strategies (solarization of soil and nursery substrates, biofumigation, organic amendments, etc.).

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GUTIERREZ-GUTIERREZ, C., CANTALAPIEDRA-NAVARRETE, C., REMESAL GONZALEZ, E., PALOMARES-RIUS, J.E., NAVAS-CORTES, J.A. & CASTILLO, P. 2013. New insight into the identification and molecular phylogeny of dagger nematodes of the genus Xiphinema (Nematoda: Longidoridae) with description of two new species. ZOOLOGICAL JOURNAL OF THE LINNEAN SOCIETY 169, 548-579.

Specific diagnosis of plant diseases caused by plant-parasitic nematodes in crops, soil, plant material for sowing using conventional and DNA analyses.

Publishing activities

2011-actualidad Associate Editor PLANT PATHOLOGY (BSPP) 2011- actualidad Editorial Board NEMATOLOGY (ESN) 2009- actualidad Editorial Board JOURNAL OF NEMATODE M. AND SYSTEMATICS (UJA)

NCBI-Sequences Plant-Parasitic Nematodes

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P. CASTILLO & N. VOVLAS 2005. Bionomics and identification of the genus Rotylenchus (nematoda: hoplolaimidae). Brill Academic Publishers, Leiden, Netherlands, 377 pp. ISBN 90 04 14229 0. P. CASTILLO & N. VOVLAS 2007. Pratylenchus (Nematoda: Pratylenchidae): Diagnosis, Biology, Pathogenicity and Management. Brill Academic Publishers, Leiden, Netherlands, 555 pp. ISBN 978 90 04 15564 0.

European Master of Science in Nematology (EUMAINE). Nematode diseases in Mediterranean crops. 3 ECTS, Erasmus Mundus, EU, University of Jaén (Spain), 2010-2014 Master “Olivicultura y Elaiotecnia”, Universidad de Córdoba, 2008-2014