Remote Sensing for Precision Agriculture and Weed Science

Departament of Crop Protection
Major research lines of “Remote Sensing for Precision Agriculture and Weed Science” Group are centered on the optimization of agrochemical applications by using site-specific strategies.

Main current research activities are focused on the following objectives:

  • To detect and map weeds and other agronomic variables in herbaceous and woody crops by using remote sensing techniques and imagery from high resolution satellite and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV).
  • To design, develop and evaluate OBIA (Objects-Based-Image-Analysis) procedures for geospatial analysis, image feature extraction, segmentation, tree geometry and vegetation classification in crops using digital cameras and multispectral sensors.
  • To improve the workflows for image processing by developing Geostatistics algorithms and specific software “add-on”- “plug-in” for precision agriculture approaches as well as for an accurate georeferenciation / co-registration and classification of cropping systems.



Francisca López-Granados

Research ScientistHead of group

José Manuel Peña-Barragán

Ramón y Cajal Researcher

Currently at the Institute of Agricultural Sciences (ICA-CSIC)
Ana Isabel de Castro Megías

Ana Isabel de Castro-Megías

Juan de la Cierva

Jorge Torres-Sánchez

Francisco Manuel Jiménez Brenes

Francisco Manuel Jiménez-Brenes


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  • Image acquisition using unmanned aerial systems (UAS, UAV, drones) and creation of orthomosaics
  • Image analysis for agriculture and forestry applications:
    • Mapping weeds at different phenological stages
    • Phenotyping (genetic varieties) according to phenological stages
    • Mapping yield and crop status
    • Tree geometry and volume of woody crops and forest

Dr. Francisca López-Granados, Research Scientist. Head of group.

 Dr. Montserrat Jurado-Expósito, Tenured Scientist.

 Dr. José Manuel Peña-Barragán, Ramón y Cajal Researcher.

Dr. Ana Isabel de Castro-Megías, Juan de la Cierva Researcher.

Dr. Jorge Torres-Sánchez, Postdoctoral Researcher.

Francisco Manuel Jiménez-Brenes, Predoctoral Researcher.