José Luis González Andújar

Weed Agroecology
  • Study the diversity of weeds and ecosystem services provided in Mediterranean crops
  • Establish the assembly rules in weed communities
  • Study effect of climate change on populations and communities of weeds and on weed-crop interference

CASTELLANOS-FRIAS, E, GARCIA DE LEON D., PUJADAS A, DORADO J, GONZALEZ-ANDUJAR JL (2014). Potential distribution of Avena sterilis L. In Europe under climate change. Annals of Applied Biology (publicado on line: DOI: 10.1111/aab.12117)

ZAMBRANO, C., BASTIDA, F , GONZALEZ-ANDUJAR JL (2013) A hydrothermal seedling emergence model for Conyza bonariensis. Weed Research 53:213-220. LIMA, M, NAVARRETE, L, GONZALEZ-ANDUJAR JL (2012). Climate effects and feedback structure determining weed population dynamics in a long-term experiment. PLoS ONE 7(1): e30569

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HERNANDEZ PLAZA E, KOZAK M, NAVARRETE L, GONZALEZ-ANDUJAR JL (2011) Tillage system did not affect weed diversity in a 23-year experiment in Mediterranean dryland. Agriculture Ecosystems & Environment 140:102-105.

  • Developing models of weed emergence and implementation in Decision Supports Systems (web, app, etc.)
  • Developing models of herbicide resistance
  • Development of computer systems for crop protection