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National Institute of Agricultural Research of Morocco

Partner description:

INRAM is a leader Moroccan institution working in agricultural research. INRAM is an autonomous government institution within the Ministry of Agriculture. It's responsible for crop and livestock research, carrying out programs of genetic improvement, resources genetic conservation, crop management and technology transfer. For that, INRA is organized as a network of 10 Regional Research Centers representing different agro-ecological regions of Morocco. To achieve its objectives INRA capitalizes on its qualified human potential (193 Research Scientists, 218 technicians, and 41 managers) and also on a good infrastructure (Laboratories, greenhouses, 23 experimental stations, etc.). Achievement portfolios testify of the pertinent role of INRAM in upgrading agricultural sector at the national level. This outcome, both rich and varied is characterized among others by registration in the Moroccan catalogue of 216 varieties adapted to diverse Moroccan agro-ecological zones and presenting different resistance/tolerance to biotic and/or abiotic stresses.

Multidisciplinary research team:
Plant Biotechnologist,
(Institutional Coordinator of Medileg project)

Phone: (212) 6 61 55 85 22
Emails: rachidmentag@yahoo.ca or mentag@inra.org.ma

Affiliation:​​Biotechnology Unit,
Regional Center of Agricultural Research of Rabat,
National Institute of Agricultural Research of Morocco (INRAM)

Background: ​Molecular plant pathogen interaction, In vitro culture and genetic transformation

Research areas:​
• Improvement of resistance/tolerance of legumes to biotic stresses through the study of molecular plant-pathogen interactions
• Study of the genetic diversity of legumes and their major pathogens
• In vitro screening of legumes (Faba bean, lentil, chick pea, etc.) for resistance/tolerance to biotic stresses (Orobanche, Botrytis, etc).
• Genetic transformation of legumes (for molecular farming).

Plant Biotechnologist,
Phone: (212) 6 66 31 39 41
Email: rabhaab@yahoo.fr

Affiliation: ​​Biotechnology Unit,
Regional Center of Agricultural Research of Rabat,
National Institute of Agricultural Research of Morocco (INRAM)

Background : ​Genetic transformation, cloning , molecular marker techniques and tissue culture.

Research areas:​
• Genetic transformation of Faba bean
• Tissue culture of legumes and Argan tree
In vitro culture and study of Faba bean-Orobanche interaction
Yahya BAYE, Ing.
Weed Scientist

Phone: (212) 6 67 04 06 74
Email: yahyabaye@yahoo.fr

Affiliation:​Production Systems in Irrigated Area Unit,
​Regional Center of Agricultural Research of of Tadla, Béni Mellal,
​National Institute of Agricultural Research of Morocco (INRAM)

Background: ​Integrated Weed Management, Biology and control of parasitic weeds

Research areas:​
• Development of control strategies (cultural practices, resistant varieties and chemicals) for resistance of food legumes to Orobanche spp.
• Study of some biological aspects of Cuscuta spp (life cycle, host plants, yield losses and control strategies and their effect on host plants).
• Integrated management of resistant Lolium spp to "fops" herbicides in a Cereal – sugar Beet rotation
• Weed Survey and Chemical weed control
Phone: (212) 6 62 27 78 27
Email: nadiabenbrahim@gmail.com

Affiliation: ​​Plant Breeding and Germplasm Conservation Unit,
​Regional Center of Agricultural Research of Rabat,
National Institute of Agricultural Research of Morocco (INRAM)

Background: ​​Conservation of plant genetic resources

Research areas:​
• Agro-morphological, genetic and technological characterization of local food legume landraces within high genotype x environment interaction
• In situ conservation through labelisation of local food legumes populations
• Evaluation of the genetic variability of traditional crops (food legumes) and improvement of their productivity throughout participatory selection and conservative approach
Zain El Abidine FATEMI, Ing.
Phone: (212) 6 69 14 64 61
Email: zfatemi03@yahoo.fr

Affiliation:​Plant Breeding and Germplasm Conservation Unit,
Regional Center of Agricultural Research of Meknes,
National Institute of Agricultural Research of Morocco (INRAM)

Background: ​Faba bean breeding program, selection of Faba bean tolerant/Resistant genotypes to biotic and abiotic stresses

Research areas:​
• Breeding for high and stable yielding Faba bean varieties with resistance to biotic (Orobanche, chocolate spot, ascochyta blight, etc.) and abiotic stresses.
Fatima GABOUN, Ing.
Biometrician & Bioinformatician

Phone: (212) 6 68 59 45 35
Email: gabounf@gmail.com

Affiliation: ​​Biotechnology Unit,
Regional Center of Agricultural Research of Rabat,
National Institute of Agricultural Research of Morocco (INRAM)

Background: ​Computational biology, plant genomics, bioinformatics, and applied statistical methods. Integration of biometrics and bioinformatics tools in breeding programs.

Research areas:​
• Research Planning and data handling
• Analyzing data (phenotypic, genomic and genetic resources) and interpreting the results, and reporting research findings
• Identification of trait-linked markers (QTL, eQTL) for use in marker-aided selection and breeding
• Genetic diversity and population structure analysis
• Bioinformatics Sequence analysis which are of direct interest on genomics projects
• In Silico analysis, research of candidate genes linked to biotic and abiotic stress, diseases, and quality
• Identification of Simple Sequence Repeats (SSR), development of degenerate primer pairs and in Silico PCR, SNP detection and diversity statistics prediction modules
• Functional in Silico analysis of SSR- EST
• Implementation of an integrated crop information system linking molecular, phenotypic and pedigree data used by analysts and biologists.
(To be completed)

Chickpea Breeder
(To be completed)

Lentil Breeder
(To be completed)

Integrated Pest Management
(To be completed)

Sripada UDUPA
Biotechnologist/Geneticist, (INRA-ICARDA)
(To be completed)