ECOLEG workshop “ECOsystem services provided by LEGumes in the agroecosystems– Presencial y Online

Del 30 de mayo al 3 de junio se celebrará “ECOLEG workshop “ECOsystem services provided by LEGumes in the agroecosystems” en formato híbrido, presencial en la Ecole supérieure d’Agriculture d’Angers, y online.

 El taller se organiza en cuatro sesiones plenarias y contará, entre otros ponentes, con la participación de Ahmed AL-Ashqar Amarna y Diego Rubiales investigadores del Instituto de Agricultura Sostenible del CSIC, en las sesiones:

– Session 2 “Symbiotic and rizospheric microbial interactions”

Young researchers´ presentation

Fecha: 1 junio 2022

Ponencia: “Diversification of crops to control biotic stresses in legumes”. Ahmed AL-ASHQAR AMARNA

– Session 4 “Physiological mechanisms and candidate genes of legume adaptation to their environment”.

Senior scientist presentation

Fecha: 3 junio 2022

Ponencia: “Identification and characterization of pest and disease resistance in faba bean”. Diego RUBIALES


Registro para las sesiones online: enviar un correo electrónico a o escribir dirección de correo electrónico en este doodle:

Más información:

The EcoLeg workshop for young researchers is organised in the framework of the PRIMA DiVicia project “Use and management of Vicia species for sustainability and resilience in biodiversity-based farming systems”. EcoLeg is an opportunity for Ph.D students and other young researchers to present their work to the project partners, and to learn how to make a nodular diagnosis DiagNod in the field. DiagNod aims to evaluate the agricultural and environmental feasibility of symbiosis between legumes and soil micro-organisms through a participatory approach in a network of farmers’ plots, by carrying out field tests. The 5-day EcoLeg workshop 2022 will take place in Angers (Western France) from May 30 May to June 3. It will also be possible to register for online participation in the morning sessions, by sending an email to or by writing your email address in this doodle:


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