José Alfonso Gómez Calero

Soil erosion laboratory
General: Soil and water conservation in tree crops, specially olive orchards.
Measuremente of runoff, water erosion and organic carbon al hillslope and small catchment scale using conventional techniques and erosion tracers.
Modelin of water erosion and water balance at different scales.
Gully erosion and control techniques.
Impact of soil management on soil quality and soil organic carbon content.
Improvement of cover crop use for erosion control and enhacement of biodiversity

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Soil physical properties analysis

Design and evaluation of comprehensive measures of restoration in agricultural areas with severe erosion

Assessment in technological isues related to the research lines of the laboratory.

Member of the PhD program of the University of Cordoba and the University of Seville entitled “Agricultural, Food and Forest Engineering and Sustainable Rural Development”, and member of their Academic Comission.

Professor at the Intaernational Master on ” Olivicultura y Elaiotecnia” of the University of Cordoba.

Colaborator of the ETSIAM of the Univsersity of Cordoba advising/coadvising graduation and Master thesis.

Participant of the program of Landscape Diversification of the “Campiña” of Córdoba through collaborative agreement among IAS-C SIC, Municipality of Córdoba and University of Córdoba.