Jose A. Jimenez Berni

Multidisciplinary research in farming systems across multiple scales.
This research is about understanding the genotype, environment and management interactions (GxExM) by using next-generation plant phenomics tools and crop simulation models. The main objective is to develop multiple levels of information about the physiological status of crops and the underlying environment, which will allow optimising decision making at the farm level with the aim of improving efficiency and productivity in mediterranean farming systems.
We use a range of technologies: proximal and remote sensing (LiDAR, hyper/multi-spectral or thermal), sensor networks, big-data approaches or machine learning algorithms.

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  • Development of high-throughput plant phenotyping methods, both in the field and controlled conditions
  • Sensor development for real-time continuous monitoring of crop physiology using a range of technologies: thermal, hyperspectral, LiDAR
  • Development and calibration of simulation models for crops and physiological processes
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  • Location: Annex building IAS – Level 1, office 6
  • Phone: +34 957 49 91 75