Common infrastructures

Greenhouses and experimental farm

The IAS is located on Alameda del Obispo, a property owned by the regional government of Andalusia. Twelve hectares (thirty acres) of this land are used by the Institute as an experimental farm.

Currently, the IAS has three research greenhouses: one is 580 square meters (6,250 square feet) and the other is 270 square meters (2,900 square feet).

The third one is a new research greenhouse with 240 square meters (2,580 square feet).

Common infrastructures

Growth chambers

The IAS has 16 chambers: 9 plant growth chambers, with a total area of 133 square meters (1,430 square feet), and 7 cool chambers for preservation and germplasm bank storage, with a total area of 117 square meters (1,260 square feet).

Sala científica
Common infrastructures

Scientific equipment rooms

There are 240 square meters (2,600 square feet) of temperature-controlled rooms for housing scientific equipment.

Common infrastructures


The IAS owns a fleet of 15 general-use vehicles for access to field work areas and the different experiment sites.

Vehículos comunes
Salas comunes
Common infrastructures

Meeting rooms

There are currently four conference rooms: two in the main building and two in the adjoining building:

  • Main Building: a small conference room, 11 square meters (120 square feet); a board meeting and lecture room, 35.6 square meters (380 square feet).
  • Adjoining Building: two conference rooms, which can combined into one, with a total area of 55.6 square meters (600 square feet).
Common infrastructures

Lath houses

The IAS also has 3 lath houses, internally organized in modules to make possible to do different experiemnts. Every of them have water tap. The first two ones, has 480 square meters each one; and the third one, has 340 square meter and his shape is like a tunnel.

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