Weed Agroecology


The group’s efforts focus on understanding the underlying ecological principles in populations and communities of weeds in Mediterranean crops with the aim of developing integrated management strategies economically and environmentally sustainables.

The main lines of research are:

  • Biodiversity of weeds and ecosystem services
  • Effect of global change on populations and communities of weeds and on weed-crop interference

José Luis González Andújar

Group head Research scientist

Lucía González Díaz

Postdoctoral reseracher

Claudia Morvillo

Postdoctoral reseracher

Jane Morrison

Phd scholar

Within this context the overall goal of our research is to better understand the ecological interactions that underpin agricultural production systems so as to improve the economic and environmental sustainability of agriculture.

From this perspective, the main interrelated research lines of our group are:

  • Study the diversity of weeds and ecosystem services provided in Mediterranean crops
  • Establish the rules of community assembly weed
  • Study effect of climate change on populations and communities of weeds and on weed-crop interference

For the development of those areas of research our group is funded by national and international project and has stable collaboration of researchers from the Polytechnic University of Catalonia and the University of Huelva.

Our group has an extensive network of international connections, collaborating with prestigious institutions usch as Rothamsted Research (UK), University of California (Davis, USA), USDA (USA) and INRA (France), among others. This allows the development of our research on a more international context and improve training with the exchange of researchers. We are also associated with the International Laboratory for Climate Change which aims to understand, predict and develop strategies to respond to the impact of global change on marine and terrestrial ecosystems.

CASTELLANOS-FRIAS E, GARCIA DE LEON D, PUJADAS A, DORADO J, GONZALEZ-ANDUJAR JL (2014). Potential distribution of Avena sterilis L. in Europe under climate change. Annals of Applied Biology 165:53-61.

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GONZALEZ-DIAZ L. VAN DEN BERG F, VAN DEN BOSCH, F, GONZALEZ-ANDUJAR JL (2012). Controlling annual weeds in cereals by deploying crop rotation at the landscape scale: Avena sterilis as an example. Ecological Applications 22:982-992

  • Developing models of weed emergence and implementation in Decision Supports Systems (web, app, etc.)
  • Developing models of herbicide resistance
  • Development of computer systems for crop protection

José Luis González Andújar – Research scientist –
 Lucía González García – Postdoctoral researcher
 Claudia Movillo – Postdoctoral researcher
 Rosana Ferrero Romero – Phd scholar
 David García de León – Phd scholar
 Jane Morrison – Phd Scholar
 Yessica Pallavicini – Phd scholar
 Eva Hernández Plaza – Specialized college graduate

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