Management service

Dulcenombre Ramírez Pérez Tlf.: 957 499 202

IAS Management is responsible for:

  • Financial and budget management, procurement of works and services from external suppliers, and preparation of the annual operating budget.
  • Administrative services of the Institute.
  • Personnel employment status and supervision of all technical and administrative service units.
  • Internal policies.
  • Maintenance and general services.
  • Financial and staff management of current projects and contracts, without infringing on the duties of the primary researchers involved.
  • Office of the Board of the Institute.

Administrative services

Financial and Budget Management


Accounts Payable: Ángela Pérez Ortega Tlf.: 957 499 203

  • Accounting and budget management: revenues and expenditures.
  • Treasury control, cash audit, bank reconciliation, electronic banking, etc.
  • Payments.
  • Internal accounts.


Aníbal Bravo Nacarino Tlf.: 957 499 178

  • Income service.


José A. Palacios Sánchez Tlf.: 957 499 200

  • Director’s secretary.
  • Presence control.
  • Projects application.


José J. Sánchez Martínez Tlf.: 957 499 256

  • Meal and travel allowances.
  • Asset inventory.
  • Internal charges.


Juan Bravo Antequera Tlf.: 957 499 248

  • Administrative support.


Oficina de proyectos

Rosario Gómez Figueroa Tlf.: 957 499 177

  • Projects justifying.
  • Bussiness contract tracking.
  • Internal invoicing.


Área de Recursos Humanos


Juan Luis Biechy Baldán Tlf.: 957 499 230

  • Temporary contracts, research fellowships/scholarships.
  • Social Security processing.
  • Applications for the Department of Social Action-CSIC.




Rafael Lomeña García Tlf.: 957 499 275

This service is responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of Institute equipment and general infrastructure:

  • Preventive maintenance of infrastructure and facilities.
  • Oversight and control of contracted work.
  • Repair and renovation management.
  • Supervision and monitoring of building facilities.
  • Technical design and support of new facilities.


General Services


José M. Priego Torres Tlf.: 957 499 287

  • General service support.
  • Responsible for vehicle fleet maintenance.
  • Toxic waste collection procedures.
  • Photocopy and fax assistance.

Computer Services

The Computer Service is responsible for the development, maintenance, management, and control of IAS information technology resources and communications (data and telephony), as well as providing technical support to users.

Computer Support


Manuel L. Muñoz Urbano Tlf.: 957 499 222

  • Guidance, negotiation, and follow-up on the purchase of corporation hardware.
  • Management of network users, e-mail accounts and distribution lists.
  • Incident management, technical support, user help and assistance.
  • Development and maintenance of the data network infrastructure, wireless network, audiovisual media and telephony.
  • Installation, configuration and maintenance of local servers.
  • Installation, maintenance and repair of end-user computer equipment, software and hardware.
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