Genomics of crop adaptation (GCA)

Department of plant breeding
Our general objective is the development and use of genomic tools for agriculture (translational plant genomics). We currently participate in structural genomics projects, and apply the generated results to the molecular characterization and selection of genetic resources, the traceability of food products, and the analysis of crop adaptation mechanisms. To this aim, we collaborate with the University of Cordoba in joint projects.

Pilar Hernández Molina

Group head – Tenured scientist

Leticia Ayllón Egea

PhD Excellence project

María Rosa Mérida García

PhD Excellence project

Hernandez P, Martis M, Dorado G, Pfeifer M, Gálvez S, Schaaf S, Jouve N, Šimková H, Valárik M, Doležel J, Mayer KFX (2012) Next-generation sequencing and syntenic integration of flow-sorted arms of wheat chromosome 4A exposes the chromosome structure and gene content. The Plant Journal 69:377–386, DOI: 310.1111/j.1365-1313X.2011.04808.x. ‘Featured article’ y portada con comentario editorial.

Berkman P, Skarshewski A, Manoli S, Lorenc M, Stiller J, Smits L, Lai K, Campbell E, Kubaláková M, Šimková H, Batley J, Doležel J, Hernandez P, Edwards D (2012) Sequencing wheat chromosome arm 7BS delimits the 7BS/4AL translocation and reveals homoeologous gene conservation. TAG Theoretical and Applied Genetics 124: 423-432, DOI: 10.1007/s00122-011-1717-2.

Yanik H, Turktas M, Dundar E, Hernandez P, Dorado G, Unver T (2013) Genome-wide identification of alternate bearing-associated microRNAs (miRNAs) in olive (Olea europaea L.). BMC Plant Biology 13:10; doi: 10.1186/1471-2229-13-10. Highly Accessed and Hot Topic

Pérez-Jiménez M, Besnard G, Dorado G, Hernández P (2013) Varietal tracing of virgin olive oils based on plastid DNA variation profiling. PLoS ONE 8(8): e70507. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0070507.

Budak H, Hernandez P, Schulman AH (2014) Analysis and Exploitation of Cereal Genomes with the Aid of Brachypodium. In: Tuberosa R, Graner A, Frison E (eds) Genomics of Plant Genetic Resources. Springer Netherlands, pp 585-613

Pilar Hernández Molina – Group head – Teanured scientist

Leticia Ayllón Egea – PhD Excellence project

María Rosa Mérida García – PhD Excellence project

 María Teresa Hernández Gutiérrez – Research assistant

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