The Institute for Sustainable Agriculture, belonging to the Spanish National Research Council (IAS-CSIC), is a singular centre of agricultural research focused on the sustainability and resilience of Mediterranean agricultural systems.


In the framework of the EMERGIA programme funded by the Government of Andalusia (Spain), we look for candidates with at least five-year experience as postdoctoral researchers. They will be selected on the basis of excellence and leadership potential. We offer the candidates a four-year contract as postdoctoral researchers. During this time hired researchers are expected to contribute to the progress of research in Andalusia as key factor for society development of the region. The scientific career of hired researchers will be boosted and strengthened. At the same time, research aims and objectives of the IAS-CSIC will be greatly developed and achieved.


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Our research lines include conservation and management of soil and water, irrigation use efficiency, crop modelling for predicting responses under climate change scenarios, genetic breeding of crops for resistance to biotic and abiotic stresses, development of novel crops and novel and healthier products, precision agriculture for reducing the impact of pesticides, conservation tillage for increasing productivity and preserve soil and water resources, emerging crop diseases, biological control of crop diseases, and conservation and use of plant and microbial biodiversities among others. By means of a close interaction with the agri-food sector, we aim at extending our understanding of its needs and at contributing to its development through a joint work on real solutions.

We are looking for candidates whose expertise is within any of the mentioned research lines. Complementarities between lines are also highly valuable.


Successful candidates will join one of the research lines at IAS-CSIC after scientific agreement with one or more senior researchers.


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