Undergraduate students from any University can carry out internships at the IAS by virtue of the educational cooperation agreement between that University and the CSIC. Once the internship has been completed, students may request the awarding of the corresponding credits for internships in companies and other entities by means of an application to be submitted together with the mandatory report on the work developed at the Secretary’s Office of the corresponding Faculty or School. The persons responsible for the students’ internships at the University will be the ones to contact us. Internships may be carried out within any of the IAS research lines.

In addition, undergraduate students can also complete their Master’s or Bachelor’s Degree Final Project at the IAS. If in the search on our web site the lines of work of a particular researcher or research group have caught your attention, you can write a message to indicating it, as well as your personal data and the name of the Master or university studies in which you are enrolled. We will respond to the student.

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