Carmen Ruz Ortiz Tlf.: 957 499 202

  • Economic and budgetary management, contracting of works and external services and preparation of the annual operating budget.
  • The Administrative Services of the Institute.
  • The head of the staff as regards their status and the supervision of all administrative or technical service units.
  • The internal regime.
  • Maintenance and general services.
  • The economic and personnel management of ongoing projects or contracts, without prejudice to the attributions of the principal investigators in the same.
  • The Secretary of the Board of the Institute.

Economic-Financial and Budgetary Management

Ángela Pérez Ortega


habilitació Tlf.: 957 499 203


  • Budget and accounting management: income and expenses.
  • Treasury control, cash count, bank reconciliations, electronic banking, etc.
  • Payments
  • Internal accounts.

José A. Palacios Sánchez Tlf.: 957 499 200


  • Secretary’s Office
  • Time control.
  • Application for grants

José J. Sánchez Martínez Tlf.: 957 499 256


  • Processing of per diem and travel expenses.
  • Inventory of Assets.
  • Internal charges.

Juan Bravo Antequera Tlf.: 957 499 248


  • Administrative support.

Project Office

Rosario Gómez Figueroa

Encarnación Caballero Díaz Tlf.: 957 499 177

  • Justification and monitoring of European Projects.
  • Follow-up of contracts with companies.
  • Internal billing.

Mª Belén Corro Castillejo

Santiago Quinta Domínguez

Patricia Perez Torres


  • Justification and monitoring of National Projects and Junta de Andalucia.

Human resources area

Juan Luis Biechy Baldán Tlf.: 957 499 230


  • Processing of temporary contracts and scholarships.
  • Social Security procedures.
  • Processing applications to the Social Action Department-CSIC.

Maintenance and installations

Rafael Lomeña García Tlf.: 957 499 275

Juan Carlos Torres García Tlf.: 957 499 247

  • Preventive maintenance of infrastructure and facilities.
  • Supervision and control of the actions carried out by contractors.
  • Repairs/upgrades management.
  • Supervision and control of building installations.
  • Design and technical advice for new installations.

Field service and experimentation

Francisco J. Ostos Garrido


María José Granados Lucena

Carlos Rubiales Ordóñez Tlf.: 957 499 222


  • Guidance, negotiation and follow-up in the acquisition of corporate hardware.
  • Management of network users, e-mail accounts and distribution lists.
  • Incident handling, technological support, user advice and assistance.
  • Development and maintenance of data, wireless, audiovisual and telephony network infrastructure.
  • Installation, configuration and maintenance of local servers.
  • Installation, maintenance and repair of end-user hardware and software equipment.

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