Women and Girls in Science Day

At the end of 2015, the United Nations General Assembly agreed to declare the. February 11 as the International Day of Women and Girls in Scienceto achieve full and equal access and participation in science for women and girls, as well as gender equality and the empowerment of women and girls.

Statistics disaggregated by sex of the personnel of CSIC itself, as well as of universities and scientific institutions at national and European level, continue to show the need to promote research careers in girls and young women through education (with special attention to STEM disciplines); in addition to highlighting the greater difficulty in promoting women working in science and innovation to higher levels. The celebration of this day is led by UNESCO and UN Women, in collaboration with institutions and civil society partners that promote access and participation of women and girls in science.

Every year the CSIC celebrates this day with outreach and communication activities aimed at making visible the contribution of women to scientific knowledge, as well as to strengthen the participation of women and girls in the field of science and innovation.

Every year the IAS celebrates this date with the campaign “They are IAS” to give visibility to the women who work at the center and to raise awareness of the need to advance equality in science as well.

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