IAS Doctoral Students Meeting

The IAS organizes annually the “IAS Doctoral Students Meeting“. This meeting becomes a stage in which the different lines of research on which the doctoral students at IAS are working are shown.

Its main feature is that the speakers are predoctoral researchers and students of the IAS, it is an activity open to all technical and research public, mainly from the Alameda del Obispo campus and the University of Cordoba, to learn about their latest advances and the main lines of research that students are developing.

It has been held since 2010, with an average participation of 15-20 students as speakers each day. The day consists of a series of short seminars, where all the students who are developing their doctorate at the IAS take part, with the idea that each doctoral student makes a summary of their line of work, in addition to showing the most interesting results, in the case of students with the most advanced Thesis. The most recent students make a brief presentation of their research topic and objectives.

For this activity, the IAS Seminar Commission has the collaboration of several students as organizers of the day. Their participation in the organization of this activity is recognized in the development of the Training Plan of the Doctoral Program “Agricultural, Food, Forestry and Sustainable Rural Development Engineering” of the University of Cordoba, so that the doctoral students of this program who organize this activity develop part of the Training Plan required of them.

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