This app provides information on cooling units in Andalusia, Extremadura, Valencia, and Murcia, which may be of interest to fruit and vineyard growers. The app is used by technicians and farmers to evaluate the present and future adaptation of the different varieties of fruit species to each location.

Different varieties of fruit species have different cold portion requirements; if these are not met, flowering will be poor and in extreme cases, will not occur.

Chilling units are quantified as Chilling Portions (or Chilling Portions) and as Chilling Hours (between 0 and 7ºC) accumulated in the winter. Within the app, the user selects his municipality and obtains the calculated values of Cold Portions and Cold Hours for different probability levels in three periods (2020, 2040, 2060).


Available for IOS and Android

rFrio Tutorial

App author: Juan Villalobos Carrasco (IAS-CSIC)

Project investigators: Francisco J. Villalobos Martín (University of Córdoba, IAS-CSIC), Luca Testi (IAS-CSIC)

Funding: This work has been funded by the Ministry of Science and Innovation (PCI2019-103621, within the MAPPY Project (JPI-Climate ERA-NET, AXIS call, European Union), in the scope of the Qualifica QUAL21_023 IAS Center Project.

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