«Eyes in the sky to help farmers with weed control» is the headline of the article recently published by Horizon Magazine (HORIZON, The EU Research & Innovation Magazine) based on the European Project TOAS, led by José Manuel Peña, imaPing Group Researcher in the Institute for Sustainable Agriculture of the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC). The project was focused on the early detection of weeds on herbaceous and woody crops using UAV-image technology and generating maps georeferenced treatment, in order to perform a site-specific weed control. From these maps is possible to adjust the application of herbicides in areas where weeds have emerged and avoid application in areas without emergencies. «With this technology could be reduced to more than a half the amount of herbicide applied to crops, which is a clear benefit for the farmer and the environment,» said Dr. José Manuel Peña during the interview.
More info: http://horizon-magazine.eu/article/eyes-sky-help-farmers-weed-control_en.html

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