From 12th to 16th July 2015, the 10th European Conference on Precision Agriculture was held in Tel Aviv (Israel) ( Dr. José Manuel Peña, IMAPING Group researcher (, Remote Sensing for Precision Agriculture and Weed Science at the Institute for Sustainable Agriculture, obtained the Best Paper Award for the communication titled “Mapping olive-tree geometric features from 3-D models generated with an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV). Authors: Jorge Torres-Sánchez, Francisca López-Granados and José M. Peña”.
In this communication, Dr. Peña exposed the methodology and the main results of their investigation about 3D modeling of woody crops by mean of using image-based drone technology, which allowed computing geometric data of the trees such as area, height and volume. This method, which reported excellent results, was recently published in the PLOS ONE journal (


Award´s Certificate received by IMAPING Group in the 10th European Conference on Precision Agriculture. Volcani Center, Israel.

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