A paper of the research group led by Dr. Francisca López-Granados [imaPing Group (IAS-CSIC)] published in Expert Systems with Applications journal, has been well considered by Advances in Engineering (AIE) for its contribution in the scientific and engineering research:
AIE has identified your peer-reviewed paper: «Selecting patterns and features for between- and within- crop-row weed mapping using UAV-imagery» (Expert Systems with Applications) as a key scientific article contributing to scientific and engineering research excellence.  AIE highlight papers of exceptional scientific importance to a broad scientific and engineering audience (for the latest edition https://advancesENG.com ). AIE is viewed almost 450,000 times each month by engineers, professors and scientists and it is linked to the top 50 engineering companies as well as major research institutions. Papers featured by AIE gain extensive exposure and increased citations. AIE help establish an environment that advance new and promising technologies and disseminate breaking research news.

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